Create Your First Project

Your very first entry into the Snag-app will present you with this screen, Tap on the area as indicated.

tap to create new project

  • Insert to document “Logo” by tapping the camera. This can be a picture of the building you are about to do a punch list on, your company Logo or crest.
  • Next, insert the project name, for example “The empire state building” or Mrs Jones’ Kitchen”.
  • Now choose how long the contractors will have to address the defects.
  • Here you can either insert the address via the GPS or alternatively simply enter the address manually.
  • By default your name is shown as the person doing the punch list but you can insert another if you wish.
  • Continue to the next page.

new project screen

The next screen shows the template page. This is the page where you can choose the nature of your template, in other words you choose the following items:

  • The name of the template
  • The text that will be inserted on both the first and last pages of the document that is finally generated when it is converted to PDF.

As a start we have created two standard templates, the first is called “Tenant occupation” which is used when you hand over say a rental premises to a new tenant and wish to record its state, and the second is the basic “Punch list” template which is probably the most commonly used format

Select a template

For the purposes of this exercise, we are going to do a Punch list.

Firstly Tap on “Select a Template” and then “Punch list” and then “Select Template”

select punch list template

You will note that standard text has been inserted into the “Cover page” text box, this can be changed or modified as you wish, however should you require these changes to be permanent then you would need to do this in the template editing environment. As you can see you can also insert text which will then be reflected on the final page of the PDF that you generate at the end of the process.

You can now go ahead and insert the information relating to the parties that are responsible for the resolution of the defects that you are about to identify.

punch list template text

You can simply insert an existing contact from your Snag-app address book, alternatively you can choose one from your address book ( add-contact-device Bottom left of the screen) and import it into Snag-app  or create one within Snag-app (  add-contact-app Bottom right of the screen). It is however important to note that you will be asked to allocate a role to every contact in order to assign their responsibility within the list you generate. So for example Peter is the plumber, then you need to allocate that role to him. This is very easy as can be seen in the next step.


Populating or inserting a role is really simple. In the case where you select a contact from your address book, Snag-app will auto populate the fields like First Name, Last name, phone etc. You will however be required to insert the Role that the contact assumes in the project. This is easily done by tapping on the role box.

Populate role

Snag-app shows the roles that have been saved, which you can access by simply rolling up or down on the options and then selecting “Use Role”. You can also edit or remove an existing role.

Alternatively you can create a new role by simply typing it into the “enter new role” text box and saving it.

create a new role

You can now tap on the users that you wish to include on the project (a green check mark  choose-item will appear above their names) and then you can tap on the green check mark at the bottom center of your screen.

Insert users

As you can see the various role players have now been inserted.

Tap on “Done

Role players inserted

You will now be taken to the “Choose you reference image” screen. This is where you choose the image onto which you will place your visual markers, for example you can choose to show a plan in PDF, which you can retrieve off the cloud, alternatively you could simply take a photo as a reference, or choose one out of your existing photo library,  it’s really up to you. I’m going to show you how to retrieve a PDF off the cloud (the other two options are really easy and self-explanatory)

Step 1 in inserting a PDF plan: Tap PDF

Choose reference image

Next, tap on “Locations’ at the top left of your screen.

PDF location 3

Choose the cloud service from which you would like to retrieve the reference PDF image. Please note that you would need to subscribe to a Cloud service in order to be able to use this option.

PDF location 2

Select the plan you wish to use as your reference image, in this case we will select “Jones kitchen layout”.

PDF location 3

The PDF you have chosen will now download and display on your screen.

Tap on “Done” on the top right of the screen.

PDF location 4

You will now be required to name the reference image.

Then tap on the green check button choose-item .

Please note that you can choose to have multiple reference images should you so choose, for example in a multi story building one image would not be sufficient.

PDF location 5

Your image will now appear like this and you can now start inserting the locations of defects. I’ll explain the three buttons on the bottom left of the screen as we go.

Double tap the screen in the location of a defect on the reference image.

Dropping pins 1

You will note that a marker pin  orange_icon with a number will drop from the top of the screen indicating the location* of the defect and that this screen will immediately be replaced by the following screen which you will use to record the details of the defect.

*Don’t be concerned if the pin is not in the exact location that you want it as you can move it slightly or relocate it later in the process.

Dropping pins 2

Tap on the Camera to insert a picture of the defect.

Add snag photo and description

You have the following choices available to you with regards to defect images.

A – Take a photo

B – Choose an existing image on your phone

C – Choose an Icon representing a discipline (Cosmetic paint, Fire fire , Informationinfo, plumbing plumbing , electrical electricity  or HVAC fan ).

We will be selecting to use  take-picture , the camera

Add snag photo and description 1

Take a photo with your phone

Add snag photo and description 2

Mark the photo up with:

A – An arrow  annotate-arrow , box annotate-square  or cloud annotate-cloud

B – In a color of your choice

C – Insert text  annotate-text

In this instance we have just chosen to insert a yellow arrow annotate-arrow

Add snag photo and description 4 markup

Allocate a user (the role will be automatically inserted).

Insert the description of the defect.

Tap on the green check symbol save-iphone

Add snag photo and description 5 markup

You will then be taken back to the reference image where you can continue to add as many pins as you require.

You can also move the pins by selecting  map-pin-move-active or create a leader or line from the pin location by selecting button map-leader-move-active, this is especially useful when there are a number of defects in close proximity to one another and the pins end up overlapping.

Dropping pins 2

Once you have added all of the defects you can tap on “Done” in the top right hand corner.

Dropping pins 3

Your completed project will now appear in your active folders screen.

This screen allows you to edit and make changes as you require, should you however wish to convert this to PDF or insert signatures then proceed as follows.

Tap on the project

Completed project 1

You will be taken to this screen that indicates (in this case) that the contractor has two* defects to address and the Plumber has one*.

Tap on “Export” on the top left hand corner

*The pin colors indicate as follows:

orange_icon  : Pending

green_icon : Completed

red_icon : Overdue

Completed project 2

Were nearly done, you will now be taken to the PDF preview

Note that the information that you inserted when you created the project is now shown on the front page.

Tap on the right/middle edge of the page to go to the next preview page

PDF preview 1

The following page shows the locations of all of the defects on your reference image

Tap on the right/middle edge of the page to go to the next preview page

PDF preview 2

The following Page/s show each of the defects by number, with their marked up photo, the responsible party, description and the date by which the defect is to be addressed.

PDF preview 3

Next we have all of the defects and their numbers indexed according to the assigned roles

PDF preview 4

The final screen allows you to sign off the document directly on your device,

Tap the  add-signature

PDF preview 5 signature

Insert the details of the person signing and tap choose-item


PDF preview 5 signature 2

Once you have all the required signatures you can either save the completed PDF document to your device (open PDF button on the bottom left of your screen  open-pdf ), or email it directly (bottom right of your screen email-pdf )which is what we are going to do in this case).

PDF preview 5 signature2

Choose which receipts should receive the email and then tap on the green check sign choose-item on the bottom left

PDF preview 5 signature 3

The compiled PDF document is attached to an email.

Tap “Send”

email pdf


And thats it. Simple and straight forward, you can click here to see the completed document.