The Snag-App Story

Designed by people with “boots on the ground” experience.

Our story

We started our business in 1994 as designers and project managers doing small developments (We have since added an IT and software development wing to the business). In the following two decades we’ve honed our skills, grown our passion, and been entrusted by our clients on a diverse range of projects from small household renovations through Embassies, Gas stations, Retail outlets and Mega Malls.

We found over time that the available punch list applications did not provide us with what we needed and so we set out to build one for ourselves based on the following criteria:

  • To be uncomplicated and intuitive to operate.
  • To be “to the point” and do what it says on the box, without clutter or unnecessary features.
  • To resonate and make sense with those that use it, lighten their work load and increase productivity.
  • To function in the real world, under real conditions and to be robust and relevant.
  • To be ergonomic with buttons that are easy to touch and reach, colors that can be seen in both high and low-light conditions.
  • To not require the Internet to function (except when emailing).
  • To have the speed necessary for keeping up with the fastest operator.
  • To be able to generate and email a professional document straight from the device without having the need to edit the document at the office before distributing it.
  • It needed to be beautiful and pleasing to look at, yet be strong and equal to the task.

Testing Snag-app

Over a period of 2 years we partnered with the best developers, designed, tested, redesigned and re-tested, we consulted widely with others in the field and let them test our app until finally over the course of six months we put it to its final test on two Mall projects (1) (2) who’s combined retail space totals nearly 2,100,000 ft² or 200 000 m². Our test group (consisting of professionals, contractors and retailers) conducted more than 1100 punch list inspections without any major failures and an average time from completion of inspection to receipt of the emailed PDF document of under 10 minutes.

As is the nature of these things there are inevitably little bugs and glitches that emerge from time to time and we encourage you to let us know if you come across anything that you think we need to address.

Going forward

We have some exciting evolutions in the works including an Android version (apologies, but currently Snag-app is only available on the app store). Some of the coming updates include a powerful live collaboration tool allowing for large project teams to work together simultaneously and in real time, a desktop interface and a template generator, the likes of which you have never seen. 

We believe in Snag-app because as project managers with over 2 decades of experience, we earn our living using Snag-app every. single. day.  So whether you’re an Architect, Engineer, Contractor, Realtor, Assessor, Landlord or home owner, we feel your pain when it gets to punch lists and this is the app for you.

Let us have any of your comments, we would love to hear from you.

Sincerely, the Snag-app team