Welcome to Snagg-App!

Found it. Snag it. Manage it. Resolve it.

A simple, yet professional tool to manage all nature of “punch lists” we call them Snags.

Snag-App is an easy-to-use mobile app, designed for users to capture and document incomplete work, faults, maintenance issues or simply to create a photographic record for future reference whilst showing individual locations of snag items on a plan or a photograph.

Gone are the days of having to take photos on your camera or phone of Punch list items which then need to wait until you get back to your office so that you can resize each photo and pull it into a spreadsheet . Our app has been built with speed and ease in mind. Snag-App affords users the convenience of snapping ‘snags’ through their mobile camera, describe the necessary actions and allocate responsibilities and time frames in which items need to be corrected. Snag-App allows for documents to be signed and for a PDF to be created on the spot and emailed to all parties immediately and directly from your device.

So whether you require a record for a mega project, or your’e landlord wishing to record the status of a property at the time of handing it to your tenant or a home owner that wants to record some punch list items on that new kitchen that you have just installed, this is the app for you.

Find us on the app store and download this powerful, simple to use time saving tool.

Available on iOS and soon on Android”

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